Car SOS’s Tim Shaw drops by CES Cannock

CES Cannock had a visit from Car SOS presenter Tim Shaw recently, as he filmed for the latest series of the hit program. The show, which airs on National Geographic and Channel Four, involves the refurbishment of cars in a state of serious disrepair. This usually takes place without the owner’s knowledge, when they can’t afford to do it themselves due to medical or financial reasons.

When the team discovered that the Car SOS team desperately needed a Vauxhall Astra, GTE MK1 exhaust, they contacted the show immediately and informed them that we could supply it, once again displaying our industry superiority. Absolutely delighted, they asked if they could film as they picked it up.

Tim arrived at the Cannock branch, and was greeted by assisted manager Chris, who promptly handed him the exhaust. However, at that point the film crew decided that it would be better if there was a short background story to make things more interesting.

An hour later and the plan had been put in place. Stunning the film crew with his impeccable acting skills, Chris informed an eager Tim that the last exhaust left was reserved for a Mr Patel. After leaving disappointed, the ingenious presenter was then filmed waiting outside for Chris to leave, he then entered the warehouse and approached Ashley. In an Oscar worthy performance, Tim pretended to be Mr Patel, and handed over the cash for the reserved exhaust. An understandably fooled Ashley then led him to the exhaust and handed it over, at which point the presenter made a run for it.

Although entertaining, none of it made it to the final cut, which aired on 26th May 2016. However it was a pleasure hosting the Car SOS team for the day, and genuinely being able to provide them with the part they needed, when no other company could. Showing them just what distinguishes our customer service from everybody else’s.

DriveTec batteries receive product updates

DriveTec’s battery range has recently undergone an exciting set of changes. The range expansion has coincided with an update to the DriveTec brand itself, which has a reinvented the logo, giving a fresh and dynamic update to a trusted brand. The look and feel of DriveTec batteries has also undergone a redesign to more actively reflect the OEM quality of the batteries.

The range has been expanded to cover all of the most popular automotive and commercial vehicle applications. This increase now means the range covers 70% of the UK car parc.

The expanded range contains eight automotive part numbers, and four commercial vehicle part numbers with new support material to fully communicate the quality and value that DriveTec batteries provide in development.

Quality, durability and reliability sum up the DriveTec range of automotive and commercial batteries. The DriveTec range is built to the very highest specification to cope with today’s automotive electrical demands. All DriveTec batteries have a three year warranty, are maintenance free and feature calcium technology, combining quality and affordability in a battery brand trusted by garage professionals.