Schaeffler to join OESAA members in Ireland for Autoinform Live 2019

REPXPERT team to demonstrate knowledge and experience, pass on hints and tips as well as best practice advice

Schaeffler REPXPERTs will be helping improve technicians’ knowedge and providing them with the skills they need to improve their workshop repertoire when delivering invaluable hands-on training and seminars during Autoinform Live 2019.

This year’s event will be held at J&S’ Training Centre, near Cork, where Schaeffler will be joining fellow Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) members for a bumper weekend of training on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April.

Throughout the two days, the familiar faces of the REPXPERT team will be demonstrating their knowledge and experience, passing on hints and tips, as well as best practice advice on how to guarantee consistent and accurate professional repairs.

REPXPERTs Alistair Mason and Jonny Harris will host a dry double clutch system training course.

Double clutch technology

The pair will demonstrate how double clutch technology works, how it differs between vehicle manufacturers (VMs), such as VAG, Ford, Renault and Fiat, as well as showing how LuK’s 2CT repair solution can offer new profit opportunities to independent workshops.

The delegates will then be offered the opportunity to complete an IMI-approved assessment on one of the systems, which allows them to add double clutch repairs to their workshop menu.

Spaces are limited, so visitors are advised to sign-up quickly to avoid disappointment.

Sticking with clutch technology, fellow REPXPERT, Bob Carter, will be showcasing some new innovations from LuK, including the latest advances in self-adjusting clutches, concentric slave cylinders, damped flywheel clutches and dual mass flywheels equipped with centrifugal pendulum absorbers.

Meanwhile, Tim Adams, who presented at last year’s Autoinform Live in Glasgow, will be joined by REPXPERT Andy Walters.

They will share their accumulated wisdom and experience on INA and FAG products, demonstrating how to avoid the most common timing belt and wheel bearing installation issues experienced by most workshops.

Belt and hub system developments

They will also advise delegates on the latest technological developments in belt and hub systems.

Schaeffler Managing Director and OESAA Chairman, Nigel Morgan, said: “Autoinform gives independent workshops everything they need to successfully defend and grow their business in an ever-changing market, where vehicle technology evolves on an almost daily basis.

“The people best suited to delivering training for these new technologies are the OE suppliers that actually develop the latest components and systems for the VMs, including the members of OESAA, which powers the event.”

With several carefully-selected partners and renowned industry figures also in attendance, Autoinform provides a fantastic opportunity for technicians and workshop owners to meet and network – whilst enjoying a a whole year’s worth of training in just one weekend.

For further information about tickets for the event, please click here.

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Automechanika Birmingham opens visitor registrations for 2019 show

Visitors now able to sign up for free tickets and take advantage of a number of new offers and initiatives

Automechanika Birmingham has announced that visitor registration is now open.

Jack Halliday, Event Director, said: “Last year saw a high number of registrations for the 2018 event from across the whole industry.

“As part of visitors’ feedback from 2018’s event, we’ve streamlined the registration process this year, to make it easier than ever for both returning and new visitors to sign up for their free tickets.”

The event will see leading suppliers returning to Birmingham to launch new products and technology for the last time until 2021 as the event will take a biennial frequency after 2019.

This year’s event will see the launch of many new initiatives covering all aspects of the automotive industry, including; a new Bodyshop Zone, Aftermarket Innovation Showcase and ‘The Big Garage Event’, all designed to deliver an enhanced visitor experience.

The big garage event will include exclusive show offers, free parking for independent garages, free breakfast on arrival and a daily ‘Happy Hour’.

There will also be fast track entry where over 100 leading suppliers will be showcasing the latest tools and equipment, as well as free CPD accredited training and demos from the industry’s top speakers at dedicated training hubs.

Visitors can register to attend the event, taking place from 4 to 6 June 2019, clicking here.

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Valeo urges garages to discover the benefits of Tech Assist

Services available include training, technical data and support hotline to help garages access training on demand

Valeo says its new technical assistance service Tech Assist is “unparalleled”

To find the right parts and up to date technical information, technicians can simply enter the car model or product reference in the Tech Assist interface and get the results in seconds.

Valeo’s technical assistance consists of in-depth technical training, Tech Assist, the Tech’Care program, technical data and a support hotline.

A Valeo spokesperson said: “Learn in your own time with Valeo’s technical training webinars.

“If you’re like a lot of workshop professionals, there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete your current workload, let alone train yourself and your team in new technologies and procedures.

“In fact, a recent study showed that only 27 per cent of independent workshops had given their employees training in the previous 12 months.

“To solve this problem, Valeo has developed a series of technical webinars for industry professionals.”

The webinars, which cover topics including air conditioning, wiping systems and clutch repairs, can be accessed online from anywhere, at any time.

For further information about Tech Assist, click here to visit the website.

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Delphi Technologies’ brake pads excel in high-performance vehicle testing

Pads reported to deliver exceptional stopping power, control and brake fade stability

Delphi Technologies recently put its brake pads to the test against the OE and four other leading competitors on a VW Touareg II V6 TDI, a high-end vehicle equipped with the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7.

The Delphi Technologies’ pad outperformed four aftermarket brands, stopping quicker and under control, even at high temperatures, braking quietly and wearing less, for an all-round, high-performance brake pad.

Equally impressive results were achieved in earlier tests on a VW Passat 2.0 TSI.

As engine power increases, and with it the potential for higher speeds, so do the demands on the braking system, and the subsequent risk of brake fade, one of the biggest challenges associated with high-performance braking.

Emergency stops

To replicate these same conditions, emergency stops were performed at five different operating temperatures, ranging from 50°C to 400°C.

At speeds of just over 105 miles per hour (mph), the vehicle equipped with Delphi Technologies’ pads stopped sooner than all four aftermarket brands in every test.

It also stopped under control and recorded only a small variation in performance over the temperature range, taking 114 metres to stop at 50°C and only two metres more at 400°C.

In contrast, two competitors stopped considerably slower, with a noticeable decline in responsiveness as temperatures increased.

At 400°C, for example, the vehicle equipped with Delphi Technologies’ pads stopped three metres ahead of the next best placed aftermarket brand, 17 metres ahead of the second and a staggering 52 and 56 metres ahead of third and fourth – the latter taking an extra 37 metres to stop at 400°C compared with 50°C.

When the Delphi Technologies equipped vehicle had stopped, the two worst performing brands would have still been travelling at more than 54 mph, with potentially major consequences.

Neil Fryer, vice president, global marketing, product and strategy, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket said: “We routinely select the very best friction materials for the application they are designed to fit.

“And for high-performance vehicles, that means a pad compound that can deliver both a high and stable braking coefficient, for optimal stopping power and control, whilst also accommodating the higher energy generated during braking at higher speeds.

“The tests have proven, that unlike some brands, our pads consistently deliver OE-level braking power and control, with minimal brake fade.”

Low noise properties

Fitting a pad with low noise properties is also key.

Delphi Technologies proved once again, that its brake pads are amongst the quietest on the market, and critically, quieter than the OE, registering noise above 70db on very few occasions.

Similarly, on the noise index, its pads recorded a near-silent 9.0 – where seven or below is audible and ten is silent.

“Noise related comebacks are an issue for many garages and this is why all our pads feature proven noise fixes such as OE shims, chamfers and underlayer technology.

“Clearly these do their job, delivering a pad that’s even quieter than the OE,” continues Fryer.

Delphi Technologies’ brake pads achieved equally strong wear results.

On the front axle where most of the braking is performed, it wore 0.1mm less than the next closest aftermarket brand, and 1mm less than the worst, after 2140 stops at different speeds and pressures.

On the rear, the results were similar, this time bettering the OE too.

On both front and back the Delphi Technologies’ pad also caused significantly less wear to the disc.

Fryer added: “On the VW Touareg, our pads achieved the optimal balance between noise, wear and stopping performance, whilst also meeting the additional demands that come with high-performance vehicles.

“This ensures a superior quality pad, that both technicians and drivers know will perform on every level.”

For further information on both tests, please click here to read more.

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VRM Search added to Lesjöfors’ Mobile Catalogue App

Lesjöfors’ free catalogue app now includes VRM look-up, making it even easier to find the right spring for any vehicle.

Built using extensive catalogue and cross reference data,
the Lesjöfors app offers motor trade professionals a variety of powerful
features, including:

VRM Search (available for all
British and Irish vehicles) – simply enter a registration number to find every
spring suitable for the vehicle. Search results include all coil springs, gas
springs, leaf springs, and sports lowering springs.

Search via Part Number – enter any Lesjöfors
number to find a wealth of useful information, including linked vehicles,
product photos, and relevant OE information.

Cross Reference – use the Search
function to find Lesjöfors alternatives of original equipment (OE) or
competitor springs – just enter the part number to find the Lesjöfors

Search via vehicle – select the make
and model to view all Lesjöfors springs available for a specific vehicle.

Barcode Scanner – Scan the barcode
on any Lesjöfors box label for full details of the spring
within, including any associated technical bulletins.

Locations – find your nearest Lesjöfors
office and all relevant contact details.

The Lesjöfors Automotive app is fast, intuitive, and easy
to use, making it the ideal solution for motor factors, garages, and workshops.

Use the links below to download to try it free today on all iOS and Android devices.

App Store
App Store
Play Store
Google Play

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Dispelling the Myths Behind Polyurethane Bushes

In the first a three part article Polybush look at perhaps the most frequently mentioned myth…

“Polybushes are too hard”

The most common misconception about Polyurethane bushes is that they are too hard and give a harsh or uncomfortable ride.

This simply isn’t the case. Before a bush is created the mechanical properties of the relevant suspension and the bush itself, including its hardness, are tested to ensure that the new product will meet, or more often than not, surpass the original OE part.

In trust, one of the key characteristics of polyurethane is
the range of hardness that can be created.

During manufacturing the hardness can be controlled based on the application and purpose of the product.

So, whilst Polybush’s stiffest grade of polyurethane will give precise steering and a controlled ride at all speeds – ideal solution for fast road driving, track or towing. On the other hand, our more elastic solution will delivers greater longevity and shock absorption than its stiffer counterparts.

If you are new to polyurethane bushings and are unsure of what hardness to choose, then the Polybush website will guide and can recommend the relevant bush required for your application.

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Uni-Select Inc. reports Q4 and full year 2018 results

The Parts Alliance urges garages to give ‘Original Experience’ to motorists

The Parts Alliance has announced a new national garage promotion, to run throughout February and March. The ‘Original Experience’ will see The Parts Alliance collaborate with leading suppliers Delphi, Comma, MANN-FILTER and NGK.

During the promotion period an ‘Original Experience’ scratch card will be given to garages with all purchases of qualifying OE quality products. These include Delphi brake pads, MANN-FILTER cabin and oil filters for the same vehicle, Comma 5 litre Performance Motor Oil as well as sets of NGK spark plugs.

As top prizes, the instant win scratch cards offer four unique motoring experiences.  Winning garages will gain luxury VIP trips, going respectively to the Rally Italia Sardegna, the Ferrari factory in Maranello and the GT Series in Germany. Closer to home, there’s the chance to drive six cars flat out around Bedford Autodrome during a renowned PalmerSport day.

“It’s simple in that the more qualifying products customers buy, the more chances there are to win,” said Simon Moore, Head of Marketing at The Parts Alliance. “Scratch card promotions are always incredibly popular and this one is our biggest yet as we’ve joined forces with four of our key suppliers.”

The Parts Alliance say the promotion not only demonstrates their commitment to stocking and supplying leading brands but also highlights an important message in urging garages to use quality products to ensure motorists gain the ‘original experience’ from their local independent.

“The beauty of this promotion is garages only need to source what they’ll be buying anyway for day to day braking and service work to win” said Simon.

In total, there are 65,000 prizes including snack boxes, t-shirts, beanie hats, wall clocks, mugs,
workwear socks, playing cards and bottle openers to be won before the end of March.

The ‘Original Experience’ is running nationwide at branches of Allparts, Bromsgrove Motor Factors, BBC Superfactors, BMS Superfactors, Car Parts & Accessories, CES, Dingbro, GMF Motor Factors, GSF Car Parts, SAS Autoparts, SC Motor Factors, The Parts Alliance (South West) and Waterloo Motor Trade.

Garages can find out more simply by contacting their nearest participating branch, or by visiting

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