The Parts Alliance extends DriveTec braking range

Number of pads increased 60 per cent in last 12 months with range of discs expanded by 50 per cent over same period

The Parts Alliance has enhanced its DriveTec brake friction range.

There’s also been an overhaul of packaging to reflect the quality of the products.

“In addition to the range extension, there’s a phase-in of coated discs too,” said Viral Modha, Head of Braking Category at The Parts Alliance.

“Discs are edge-marked and we’re upgrading to R90 compliant or matching specifications.”

Besides the labour-saving coated discs, pads are being improved too. There’s a move from metal to low noise rubber shims to exceed R90 requirements across the copper-free formulated range.

DriveTec is now available throughout The Parts Alliance’s local brands and branch network, replacing Vetech with GSF Car Parts.

DriveTec delivers exceptional value providing a cost-effective option on volume vehicles without sacrificing quality.

Further features usually associated with premium brands include precision manufacturing processes, rigorous testing regimes and complete traceability.

The 26 month / 26,000 mile warranty reflects the strength of the DriveTec friction programme.

Find out more about DriveTec and locate your nearest branch of The Parts Alliance by clicking here.

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The remanufactured advantage: Why pay more?

Ivor Searle encourages workshops to consider the financial advantage of remanufactured parts.

Costing up to 40% less than OE, Ivor Searle’s remanufactured engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes and turbochargers enable independent garages to profitably compete in an increasingly price-sensitive market without compromising on quality, warranty protection or customer service.

However, while it may be more economical to source a remanufactured product, it is also important to remember that quality and adherence to industry standards, as well as warranty protection and customer service, are key considerations when choosing a supplier.

Remanufacturing an engine or component back to OEM standard is a complex process that requires significant investment in skills and capital equipment, let alone technical expertise and rigorous inspection procedures.

As a result, all Ivor Searle remanufactured engines are built to exceed the BS AU257:2002 Code of Practice.

This crucial standard sets out the difference between a high quality remanufactured engine to an inferior reconditioned unit.

A remanufactured engine is exactly that – an engine which has been returned to the manufacturer’s specification to provide levels of performance and reliability equivalent to the original engine.

The standard fully details how petrol and diesel engines and components should be inspected and checked against OEM tolerances.

BS AU257:2002 also dictates that key components, including piston assemblies, big and small end bearings, as well as bushes, gaskets, seals, timing chains and drive belts are completely renewed.

Important additional operations, such as crack testing and machining components, are undertaken to ensure original performance is achieved with reliability.

In addition to having all key clearances and tolerances inspected during assembly.

Ivor Searle also fully tests and inspects all engines as the final stage of the remanufacturing process.

Thanks to this rigorous approach, workshops purchasing a remanufactured engine can be confident that they are buying a unit that is built to a specific standard.

In contrast, a reconditioned engine is a unit that has been stripped or disassembled and cleaned – and may have had some damaged components replaced.

Put simply, reconditioning is an entirely subjective process that offers little or no reassurance to the customer in terms of longevity, warranty protection or performance to OEM standards.

Compare this to the remanufacturing process which aims to return a product to at least its original specification and performance with a warranty that is equivalent or better than that of its brand-new equivalent.

In terms of other products, Ivor Searle also applies the same quality-focused ethos from engine remanufacturing when it comes to cylinder heads, gearboxes and turbochargers, all of which are remanufactured under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Again, this approach enables us to ensure customers are provided with quality products remanufactured to a consistent standard at an attractive price.

Ivor Searle offers an all makes programme of remanufactured products for petrol and diesel cars and light commercial vehicles, with new applications being added all the time.

For peace of mind, all Ivor Searle engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes and professionally-cleaned DPF’s are covered by a 12-month unlimited mileage parts and labour warranty, while a two-year warranty covers all turbochargers.

Comprehensive stocks across all products are held to ensure first class customer service and minimum vehicle downtime. Free next day UK mainland delivery is also provided for stock items ordered before 3.30pm.

The full Ivor Searle product line of remanufactured engines, gearboxes and turbos, as well as the company’s fast-turnaround professional DPF cleaning service, is available from all Parts Alliance members, so no matter where you are, you’re never far away from a quality Ivor Searle product.

To find out more, please call 01353 720531 or visit

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Car parts, cash and suspected stolen cars seized from Manchester workshops

Two men arrested on suspicion of theft and handling of stolen vehicles following raids this week

Two men have been arrested following raids in Bury and Oldham on Wednesday, the Manchester Evening News has reported.

Greater Manchester Police executed the warrants as part of a crackdown on car thefts.

Officers say car parts, suspected stolen vehicles and around £2,000 cash were seized.

Detectives say they hope to ‘disrupt and ultimately dismantle’ criminal enterprises.

One man in his 30’s was arrested on suspicion of theft and handling of stolen vehicles.

A second man in his 20’s was arrested on suspicion of theft and handling of stolen vehicles.

Both remain in custody.

GMP’s stolen vehicle unit, the Environment Agency and Trading Standards were also involved in the crackdown, known as Operation Dynamo.

Det Con Gill Lee said: “This is a great result and has been made possible thanks to the collaborative working across partner agencies.

“Operation Dynamo is GMP’s approach to cracking down on car thefts across Greater Manchester, and these arrests highlight the excellent partnership work that has taken place by our colleagues.

“The objective is to disrupt and ultimately dismantle any criminal enterprise, while gathering evidence to secure prosecutions supported by both GMP and partner agencies.”

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Bosch highlights “complete GDI proposition” for garages

Comprehensive aftermarket GDI parts programme backed with diagnostics and training

As ever more vehicles with GDI systems enter the market, workshops are increasingly turning to OE supplier Bosch for their servicing and repair needs, the company has said.

GDI is a key technology in the latest generation of ultra-efficient gasoline vehicles, delivering improved performance, increased economy and enabling engine downsizing.

Modern GDI systems feature low pressure and high pressure circuits, with an electric fuel pump supplying a high pressure pump (HDP) with gasoline at around 6 bar.

The HDP compresses it up to 200 bar and feeds it to the fuel rail, where high pressure injectors push precise quantities of perfectly-mixed fuel directly into the combustion chamber.

Growing service market

By the end of 2019, there will be around four million cars on UK roads with direct injection gasoline engines, and this number is expected to double within a few years.

To meet rapidly increasing demand, Bosch has created a complete GDI service solution for the automotive aftermarket, including components developed for the best racing teams in the world, state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions and industry benchmark training.

Bosch GDI parts

As a pioneer in the technology, Bosch has sold over 11 billion spark plugs since 1902.

It is technical partner to the most prestigious international motorsport championships and successful innovations are constantly adapted for volume production.

The aftermarket is therefore the ultimate beneficiary of Bosch’s combined motorsport and OE know-how.

GDI spark plug tip

When installing spark plugs in GDI engines, the alignment of the side electrode in relation to the spray nozzle is critical. Installing the correct spark plug, with the right tooling and torque, is crucial for optimum engine function.

Bosch modern compact, pencil and multi-spark coils are all incredibly resistant to heat, vibration and corrosion, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

High pressure injectors and pumps are vital components of today’s electronically-controlled GDI systems – technology which has been refined over many decades of research and development.

A 2.5-litre Mercedes-Benz with a 500 bar Bosch mechanical direct gasoline injection system famously won the French Grand Prix way back in 1954.

Invented by Bosch in 1976, Lambda sensors have made a significant contribution to meeting today’s demanding emissions standards.

To date, Bosch has produced more than one billion Lambda sensors.

Its high quality aftermarket range covers 85 per cent of the UK car parc, with pre-greased threads for ease of fitment.

Morten Jensen, Bosch product specialist for gasoline, Europe North, said: “The GDI car parc is growing fast and, with our motorsport and OE credentials, independent workshops look to Bosch for parts, equipment and training.

“The widespread use of Bosch ignition and GDI components in motorsport serves as a real-life rolling test lab.

“A great example is platinum alloy spark plug electrodes, first used in the 1970 Le Mans-winning Porsche 917.

“Unlike the previous generation of passenger car gasoline engines, which allowed for only an approximate mixture of gasoline and air, GDI enables an extremely precise blend with optimised and variable spray timing under different load conditions.

“Bosch offers a comprehensive range of parts with great market coverage and, as proven on the road and racetrack, repairers and drivers can trust both the quality and reliability.”

Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 online diagnostic software and training

Bosch’s development expertise, technical quality and reliability are also reflected in its diagnostic software, which will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of everyday workshop tasks.

Today’s technicians expect more than just control unit diagnostics, whether for passenger cars or commercial vehicles.

Intelligent troubleshooting and support for rapid repair and maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications are the new standard and all these requirements are met with ESI[tronic] 2.0 online.

ESI[tronic] 2.0 online technicians through the process step-by-step and the experience based repair (EBR) functionality provides instant access to known faults and reliable solutions.

The perfect hardware partners are the new generation Bosch KTS tools featuring ethernet-based interfaces for super-fast data transfer.

In terms of training, Bosch’s VSG11 GDI system diagnosis course will significantly improve technician efficiency.

On successful completion, technicians will fully understand a typical Bosch GDI system and be able to utilise serial diagnosis and oscilloscope data to quickly determine the required system or component repairs.

The course forms part of a comprehensive modern vehicle technology training programme, designed by Bosch specifically for independent workshops in the UK.

For further details on the gasoline injection systems training courses, and other courses in the Bosch range, click here.

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Why BG Automotive power steering pumps are a good choice

BG Automotive highlights the benefits of its 100 per cent brand new power steering pumps

Supplied with a test certificate and a two year warranty, BG Automotive’s range of power steering pumps are brand new and engineered in the UK.

A spokesperson for BG Automotive said: “This means non of the component and casings have ever had any stress, ensuring the longest life in an aftermarket solution.

“Because you’re buying a brand new pump – there is no surcharge, no handling of core, no money ties up in the supply system.

“This makes better business sense.

“You can even sell the old core on if desired, further improving profitability.

“Because we’re automotive pump specialists – we use CAE technology to analyse the OE product and where possible, re-engineer to reliability and efficiency.

“Every single pump is individually tested to and beyond OE standards, in comparison to OE and receives its own test certificate to prove it has passed our stringent quality control tests, with a handy warning label to ensure correct installation.

“As with all BGA products, by supplying and installing a BGS power steering pump, you have access to our dedicated customer and technical support teams.

“Our technical team also provides technical bulletins for best installation practice.

“We provide the largest range of brand new pumps in the UK with stock ready to ship next day from our UK warehouse.”

For further information click here to go to the BG Automotive website.

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Schaeffler unveils ‘day in the life of a workshop’ video series

REPXPERT, Alistair Mason, visits Oldfields’ Tim Benson with Schaeffler Brand Ambassador, Andy Savva

Schaeffler REPXPERT, Alistair Mason, and Schaeffler Brand Ambassador, Andy Savva, have paid Oldfields Garage a visit to learn more about a typical day in the life of a modern-day workshop, while also lending their expertise and support to a valued brand customer.

On a sunny day in Leominster, Herefordshire, Alistair, Andy and Oldfields Director, Tim Benson, discussed a variety of topics, as the REPXPERT and Garage Inspector were treated to a personalised and in-depth tour of the reception area and bustling workshop.

Throughout the next few weeks, Schaeffler REPXPERT will provide insightful snippets from the visit, which will include discussions about workload efficiency, special tooling and budgets, whilst also covering the fitting of original equipment parts and refusing customer-supplied components, as well as the benefits of using REPXPERT.

In the first part of the video series, Tim first greets Alistair and Andy, before inviting them into the reception area, where conversation quickly turns to how the workshop manages its data, from booking in customers to invoicing, and what allows Oldfields to be a well-organised business.

Tim said: “From a managing data point of view, it’s important we have one system to handle the whole process, as, not only does it manage customer information, it enables us to create job cards, technical information and invoices.

“The whole process is timed; from a workshop perspective, it’s important we sell hours, so by having a system that times the job from start-to-finish, we know how long it’s taken and what to invoice.”

A pivotal part of the business model is “efficiency”, according to Tim, who is realistic with his ambitions and expectations of his team.

He added: “I would love to sell 100% of all hours, but it’s simply not possible.

“Doing the job right”

“It’s not about a ‘bonus culture’ of trying to get my team to do jobs as quickly as possible either; it’s about doing the job right, having the right information, using the right quality of parts and having the right skills in the workshop.”

In the second clip, within the workshop, the trio debate the importance of special tooling and budgeting for them.

Tim said: “Keeping up-to-date (with tooling) isn’t easy for an independent, but we invest in it.

“If there are jobs on a repeat basis that are a challenge, it is not efficient to keep doing it slowly, so we need to buy the tools to enable us to do it faster and accurately.

“When we’re fitting a self-adjusting clutch kit, for example, we use a Schaeffler tool, and, yes, we could do the job without it – but it makes it somuch more difficult and there’s the possibility of doing the job wrong.”

On the topic of budgeting, Andy added: “Tooling and equipment, as well as training, should be an ongoing process.”

He then asked what Oldfields’ budgeting strategy is – Tim replied: “We don’t have a fixed budget, but I’m aware that we need to factor it within our costs.

“We don’t buy a new diagnostic kit every year, for example, but we subscribe to it and keep it updated.”

From Schaeffler’s point of view, it offers a range of tools to help clutch, bearing and timing belt fitments, to ensure technicians can ‘fit and forget’.

The first two videos are now available to watch on the REPXPERT social media channels – Facebook ( and Twitter (@REPXPERT_UK) – as well as the REPXPERT website (

To find out more about REPXPERT, click here.

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TEXA announces new solution for recovery of contaminated refrigerants

REC+ works with fully automatic recharge stations in TEXA’s KONFORT range

The device works with the fully automatic recharge stations in the KONFORT range (707R, 760R, 760R BUS and 780R BI-GAS) and guarantees the completely safe recovery of all kinds of refrigerant.

TEXA’s REC+ can easily be moved around the workshop, satisfies the technical, performance and safety requirements of leading car makers and permits the recovery of up to 95 per cent of the refrigerant contained in the system.

An automatic procedure integrated in the software of KONFORT recharge stations lets you complete all necessary operations easily.

At the end of the recovery procedure, you can discharge contaminated refrigerant into a tank for subsequent disposal.

To learn more about TEXA’s automotive solutions, click here.

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Under-bonnet fire destroys BMW months after EGR cooler was replaced under recall

Car was parked for seven hours before going up in flames

The owner of a 2015 BMW 330D which was destroyed by a fire has spoke out urging other owners to be on their guard.

The car was parked in Huddersfield for seven hours before it became engulfed in flames, The Examiner Live has reported.

Firefighters ruled out arson and have suggested that the blaze may have been triggered by an electrical fault.

The owner, Aishah Manzoor said he insurance company is dealing with the matter.

The car was subjected to a worldwide recall in October due to a potential fire hazard linked to the EGR cooler.

The EGR cooler on Aishah’s car was inspected and replaced by BMW in February when the car had done just over 66,000 miles.

Aishah said: “It was recalled and the garage had it for 2-3 months.

“The EGR was replaced because of the fire risk.”

BMW recalled 268,000 cars in the UK due to the potential fire hazard.

The affected models are all diesel produced between August 2010 and January 2017.

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ZF sets new standards with “cleaner, more sustainable” TRW brake pads

Innovative technology offers brake pad production without organic solvents

ZF says that it is “actively shaping the mobility of the future” and is setting new standards for sustainability in the aftermarket with innovations in its product portfolio.

Further proof of this is the use of ‘powder adhesive technology’ in the production of its TRW branded brake pads, which are now manufactured without organic solvents, for which ZF Aftermarket has been awarded the renowned Partslife environmental award.

To reduce and eliminate solvents without affecting the quality of the product and create a cleaner working environment for employees, ZF has developed a new technology which uses a dry powder coating adhesive for brakes.

Brake pads for passenger cars and commercial vehicles are no longer bonded to the carrier plate with solvent-based adhesive, but instead with an innovative dry adhesive powder, saving more than 150 tons of solvents each year.

Saving the environment at top performance

The durable connection of the friction material with the rear wall is extremely important during the braking process as the lining must never come loose from its carrier plate.

ZF’s proven powder adhesive technology ensures this and guarantees high quality and top performance of its TRW branded brake pads.

“Our agenda for the future of the aftermarket is characterized by our claim to harmonize environment and technology,” promises Helmut Ernst, head of the Aftermarket Division.

“We accompany our customers on the path to sustainable mobility with expertise, innovation and inventiveness.”

In recognition of the introduction of powder adhesive technology, ZF Aftermarket has been awarded the Partslife environmental award.

The aim of the award is to promote innovative and exemplary measures for environmental protection, and to encourage employees of other companies to imitate them.

For further information on ZF, click here.

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The Parts Alliance launches Bendix brake calipers range

Range to be made available from all trading group’s local brands throughout UK branch network

The Parts Alliance has added a new range of Bendix brake calipers.

The decision to add Bendix brake calipers builds on the successful reintroduction of the Bendix brake friction range by GSF Car Parts in 2018.

The Bendix range of calipers is remanufactured from OE castings and incorporates new pistons and seals.

The premium quality is backed up with a 3 year warranty.

“We know how it important it is for garages to be able to consistently fit the brands they trust, particularly on safety-critical ranges,” said Viral Modha, head of braking category at The Parts Alliance.

“Investing in developing this range made perfect sense given the success of Bendix brake friction within the UK aftermarket over the last 18 months.”

Bendix has an unsurpassed pedigree for quality and innovation.

The brand developed and manufactured the first four-wheel automotive braking system in 1924.

Further technology innovations followed, by the late 1960’s Bendix was supplying automotive braking products to more vehicle manufacturers than any other producer.

The Bendix range will be exclusively available from The Parts Alliance.

To find out more, contact your nearest branch of The Parts Alliance by clicking here.

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