Porsche parts gang jailed for over 50 years for violent armed robbery at Leeds garage

Garage owner tied-up, pistol whipped, hit with a machete and told he would be shot during targeted raid.

Five people who plotted a violent robbery at a Leeds garage in which parts for a rare Porsche were stolen have been jailed for a total of more than 50 years.

At the time of the targeted raid, worth around £140,000, in September 2015 the garage owner had been completing the repair of a red Porsche Carrera GT, valued between £600,000 and £800,000.

A man called Fazal Wahseem, who he had previously done work for, had taken ownership of a number of parts for the car in settlement of a debt owed by the previous owner.

Wahseem and another man, later identified as Walcott, visited the premises earlier that month to arrange to sell those parts to the car’s existing owner.

The offer was declined but during their time at the garage they became aware of where Porsche parts were being stored out of view at the business.

Shortly after 3.30pm on Saturday, September 26, two other men, Mark Davis and Kai Kennedy, visited the workshop and asked about the cost of a car repair.

They returned to a white van which then reversed up to the roller door of the unit and the two men entered and confronted the victim.

One aimed a revolver at his head and threatened him demanding “the red parts”.

The victim was pushed back onto an office chair and his hands were bound with cable ties.

Threatened with being shot

While the two robbers returned to the workshop the victim tried to escape but was threatened with being shot and was grabbed and forced back into the office.

He was pistol whipped about the head causing injuries and was struck with a machete causing a deep laceration to his left side.

When the victim was hit with the gun, bullets fell from the weapon onto the floor.

He was duct taped to gag and blindfold him and taped to the chair.

The pair then loaded Porsche Carrera GT parts, worth £140,000, into the van and left the scene.

Raising the alarm

The victim managed to free himself from the chair and raise the alarm with a member of staff at a neighbouring business who contacted the police and ambulance service.

He needed stitches to the wound to his side and other treatment for the injuries to his head.

Walcott and Wahseem, along with Walcott’s brother Harry Mahoney were arrested in December 2015 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery.

Three others were also linked to the raid, Jenna Davies, her cousin Mark Davies and Kai Kennedy, who were the two who had carried out the robbery.

All six were charged to appear at Leeds Magistrates in November 2018 but Walcott and Wahseem failed to attend and went on the run.

The remaining five were subsequently convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery.

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Replace head bolts every time they’re removed, advises BG Automotive

Many garages are still failing to replace head bolts, risking engine damage and failiure.

Workshops are advised to always replace head bolts after removal, BG Automotive has said.

A BG Automoive spokesperson said: “The majority of head bolts are ‘torque to yield’, which means that during the original tightening process, they are stretched past the elastic phase of the metal into the plastic phase.

“This is where the bolt will offer the best resistance to fatigue in high frequency and high load situations.

“This results in the highest clamping and even sealing to head.

“As a part of this process, the bolts become permanently elongated.

“If they are re-used and tightened to yield again they will become weak and potentially snap
during or after installation.

“They are designed as single use items.”

BG Automotive stock a large range of head bolts for all of their head gaskets to make sure any can be carried out by automotive technicians correctly and confidently, covering over 18,000 different vehicles.

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ZF Aftermarket celebrates motorsport connection under its Sachs brand

New brand ambassadors campaign features famous racing drivers.

ZF Aftermarket has teamed up with three global names in racing who will act as Sachs brand ambassadors and feature in its latest fact based multimedia campaign which aims to highlight how its engineering knowledge is directly transferred into its serial production and to celebrate its 80 year connection with motorsport.

Under its Sachs brand, the business has developed a reinforced clutch kit designed for high performance vehicles and those exposed to extreme driving conditions.

“Facts about Sachs prove that our shocks and clutches are particularly powerful and help to make the roads a safer place,” says Ben Smart, director for global marketing at ZF Aftermarket.

“When you compete at the highest level, proven performance under all conditions is essential.

“That’s why we celebrate together with these outstanding drivers our 80-year connection with motorsport.

“As the faces of the Sachs brand, they will be recognizable to motorsport fans around the world,” adds Smart.

Sachs brand ambassador campaign

ZF Aftermarket has teamed up with three global names in motorsport who will act as Sachs brand ambassadors and feature in its latest campaign.

Norwegian champion, Joachim Waagaard was the first Scandinavian drift racer to take part in The Goodwood Festival of Speed; leading endurance driver, Christian Engelhart won the 24 hours at Daytona 2019 and winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2018, Helen Rollason Award, 20 year old Billy ‘Whizz’ Monger is an ex F4 competitor who returned to the track 12 months after losing his legs in a catastrophic accident and now competes in Euroformula.

The Sachs brand has been connected with motorsport since 1937 when the first Mercedes ‘Silver Arrows’ were equipped with Sachs shock absorbers and clutches.

Sachs highlights include winning the 24h Le Mans with Porsche in 1985 and debuting at Formula 1 in 1993 with Mercedes and Sauber.

The story continues right to the present day. ZF’s connection to motorsport extends from technological development to support.

Two ZF Race Engineering vans equipped with workshop areas where shock absorbers can be recalibrated, and clutches examined adjusted and repaired travel the globe during race season.

Providing engineering support at motorsports events in 24 countries on four continents, this extensive service significantly contributes to the many worldwide victories supported by ZF.

Reinforced Sachs clutch kit

The newly developed reinforced Sachs clutch kit brings ZF’s technology into the everyday.

Developed specifically for high performance vehicles and those exposed to extreme driving conditions, it contains a clutch pressure plate, clutch disk and release bearing.

The range initially caters for Subaru diesel vehicles 2008 onwards.

A reinforced diaphragm spring offers longer service life and greater contact pressure significantly increases transmission reliability.

In addition there is reduced friction wear and no loss of comfort as the part exerts the same release force.

“Sachs is the brand of choice for many of the world’s highest performance and motorsport drivers, but as a true leader in the field of advancing mobility, ZF adapts its technologies for use in the everyday parts used by drivers on roads across the world,” says Richard Adgey, head of product management ZF Aftermarket.

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The Parts Alliance’s winter trade show praised by customers as “a fantastic opportunity”

The Parts Alliance’s final trade show for 2019 has been
praised by customers for presenting a “fantastic opportunity” to interact with
suppliers and take advantage of some not-to-be-missed offers.

Held at Sandy Park in Exeter on the evening of Thursday 28th November, the winter trade show adopted a ‘Black Friday’ theme and boasted a great many one-night only offers from the 50+ suppliers in attendance, with phenomenal sales achieved throughout the evening.

The ‘tech talks’ have become an eagerly anticipated feature
of each of The Parts Alliance’s trade shows, and this event was no different,
with informative presentations conducted by Bosch, MANN FILTER and Yuasa Batteries
on emerging technologies impacting garages.

Complimentary food and drink was served as special guests
Fuzz Townshend and Matt Neal mingled with the guests, taking selfies and
signing autographs throughout the night. Both spoke on the main stage sharing
anecdotes and taking questions from an enthused audience.

There were also exclusive show offers and prizes to be won:
all that guests had to do to be in with a chance of winning was get a card
stamped as they made their way around all of the suppliers in attendance. 

Speaking at the show, Ben Marshall of Renault Truck
Commercials in Exeter said: “I heard about the event in my local GSF Car Parts
and thought it would be worth coming along.

 “I was really pleased
to have made it this year though, there’s so much to look at and I’ve picked a
few bits up from the talks on stage.

Mark of MA Automotive Solutions in Taunton added: “It’s my
third time here, I always enjoy it and there’s always plenty that I get from

“I’m looking to upgrade some of our diagnostic kit this
year, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to see what’s out there at the moment.

“It’s handy if you’ve got any questions because all of the
brands and suppliers are in one place.”

Simon Moore, head of marketing at The Parts Alliance, said:
“The Exeter event has been the perfect way to round off a successful year for
the company.

“Thanks go to everyone who attended and the suppliers who
supported us, we’ve had lots of great feedback on how productive everyone finds
the format of the show.”

The Parts Alliance say more regional Trade Shows are already planned for 2020 and garages are advised to look out for details from their local branch in due course.

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Motorists warned against buying car parts online

Garage and factor owners urged to be even more vigilant in light of a surge in counterfeits.

Vehicle owners are once again being warned about the dangers of buying car parts online in a bid to save money.

Research by Zero Deposit Car Leasing found that headlights were one of the most common parts available on the online marketplace, with over 70,000 units.

Just under 60,000 car tyres were found on eBay alongside 57,000 wing mirrors and 30,000 alloy wheels.

An earlier government report found filters, brake pads, lights, wheel rims and airbags to be among the most-common counterfeited car parts.

Officials say such parts put road users at risk from a catastrophic failure of vital car components which may not adhere to safety standards.

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) and The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) are among the trade bodies that have voiced support to raise awareness about the risks posed by counterfeit car parts.

Neil Bailey, workshop technician at Zero Deposit said: “Buying car parts off eBay has become hugely popular.

“But while it’s great drivers can buy the car parts they need at a cheaper price than going to an independent garage, for instance, they should take the time to do their research to make sure suppliers are reputable and ensure products are of a high quality and not faulty.”

Audi is among the motoring firms which has collaborated with the government to stamp out the rise of counterfeit car parts in vehicles.

An Audi brand protection spokesperson said: “Identifying counterfeits has proven to be a real challenge.

“The sellers’ websites are becoming more and more professional, appearing legitimate to many buyers at first glance.

“But there are some clues that give counterfeiters away and should put buyers on alert, such as a comparatively cheap price or a typo appearing on the spare part or in the description.”

Garage and motor factor businesses are being urged to be even more vigilant in light of a surge in reported cases.

The worldwide counterfeit market is thought to run into billions of pounds with around a £1.7million revenue loss each year.

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Reman diesel engine demand remains high, Ivor Searle reports

Three quarters of all the engines sold by remanufacturer are diesel.

Engine, gearbox and turbocharger remanufacturer, Ivor Searle has revealed that the vast majority of the engines it sells are diesel, with the trend contradicting consumer uncertainty.

An Ivor Searle spokesperson said: “Despite increasing rhetoric encouraging motorists away from diesel ownership, demand for remanufactured diesel engines remains strong with diesels representing the bulk of the enquiries Ivor Searle receive and 74 per cent of the engines they sell.”

The company has also seen a modest growth in demand for smaller-capacity petrol engines, reflecting the increased use of these compact, high-revving units that are designed to be ultra-efficient.

Euro 6 diesel

The cap for Euro 6 diesel nitrogen oxides emissions is 80 mg/km, compared to a 180 mg/km allowance for Euro 5 diesels.

This reduction ensures that diesels are now six times cleaner than they were back in 2000, considering the levels of nitrogen oxides emitted.

At the turn of the millennium, the cap was 500 mg/km, and studies by German automotive brand ADAC have confirmed how far technology has come since then.

In recent tests looking at the nitrogen oxides emitted from all new cars – petrol included – found that the only vehicle to not emit any NOx was the Mercedes A220 d.

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Volkswagen Tiguan LuK clutch, flywheel and CSC replacement tips

REPXPERT shares step-by-step guide for six hour repair.

LuK reveals essential tips and advice on clutch, flywheel and CSC replacement for the 2.0tdi 4motion.

Talking through a recent replacement using a two post ramp, two transmission jacks and an engine bridge tool, LuK explain that the only special tool requirement needed is a universal alignment tool for the clutch driven plate.

The repair starts under the bonnet.

First, disconnect the battery terminals and stow safely.

Remove the intake pipe and the air filter housing.

Remove the battery and battery tray to expose the top of the gear box.


Remove the white plastic locking clip (fig1) that holds in place the reverse gear lever and cable and detach from position.

Remove the locking nut from the gear selector cable and remove this from its keyway stub (fig2).


Unbolt the selector cable mount and stow safely away from the working area.

Remove the retaining clip holding the hydraulic line into the clutch master cylinder (fig3) and disconnect the line and blank off.


In our case we held the line vertically and blanked off using a plastic cap.

You could also clamp the line with a hose clamp and then disconnect the pipe.

Stow the hydraulic line safely.

Do not operate the clutch pedal.

Remove the top two bell housing bolts and remove the upper starter motor bolt.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the starter motor by pulling the red tab back slightly (fig4) to unlock the connector allowing it to ease off from its position.


Stow the cable safely.

Unclip the plastic cover over the main power cable to the starter and unbolt the cable and stow.

Disconnect the reverse light switch and remove the earth cable from the gearbox.

Remove the two bolts that hold a plastic support bracket for the wiring loom and the starter motor in place and remove the both parts.

Install the engine bridge and remove the top gearbox mount.

Raise the vehicle and remove the under tray, remove both front wheels and partly remove the left wheel arch liner.

Drain the gearbox oil.

Disconnect the oil level/temperature sensor plug and stow. Remove the engine/gearbox stabilizer arm bracket and then remove the stabilizer arm (fig5).


Remove both driveshaft bolts and remove the bolts on both sides from the wishbones and disconnect them from the stub axles.

In our case we decided not to remove the prop shaft, exhaust and transfer box, but to remove both drive shafts and sub frame as this gives plenty of room to disconnect the gearbox from the engine.

The O/S drive shaft should be unbolted from the flange on the transfer box.

Unbolt the steering rack and anti roll bar and disconnect the wiring harness from the sub frame. Remove the six bolts securing the sub frame in place and using a transmission jack for support carefully lower the sub frame.

Remember to remove the 6mm allen key bolt through the transfer box (fig6) as you will not separate the gearbox from the engine.


Support the gearbox with a transmission jack and then remove the remaining bell housing bolts.

Carefully separate the gearbox from the engine. It will have to be slightly lowered on the transmission jack and pulled into the wheel arch a little but you should have just enough clearance to lower the gearbox to the floor.

With the clutch removed, check the Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) for signs of heat stress and evidence of grease loss.

The DMF should also be tested for freeplay and rock between the primary and secondary masses, LuK tool number 400 0080 10 is specifically designed for this purpose on all LuK manufactured DMF’s.

Full instructions and tolerance data for all LuK DMFs are contained on a CD which comes with this special tool.

Clean the first motion shaft splines and any debris from the bell housing.

It’s important to ensure that the release bearing is always replaced if the clutch and/or DMF are worn out.

Put a small dab of high melting point grease (not a copper based product) on the first motion shaft splines and make sure the new driven plate slides freely back and forth.

This not only spreads the grease evenly but also makes sure you have the correct kit.

Wipe any excess grease off the shaft and driven plate hub. Using a universal alignment tool and checking the driven plate is the correct way round the clutch can be bolted to the flywheel evenly and sequentially.

Before fitting the gearbox make sure the locating dowels are in place and not damaged.

Refit any that have become dislodged and refit the gearbox.

Make sure the gearbox bell housing bolts are secured before lowering the jack. Refitting is the reverse of the removal.

All information is supported by LuK’s experienced and highly trained technical team, available on 08457 001100.

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Temporary technicians and testers are IR35 exempt, Autotech Recruit confirms

Autotech Recruit contractors fall outside of IR35 thanks to HMRC CEST assessments.

Recruitment specialist, Autotech Recruit is this week reassuring garage owners that its temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers are IR35 exempt.

IR35, also known the intermediaries’ legislation, is designed to ensure that any individuals who work through their own company pay employment taxes in a similar way to employees.

The legislation will come into effect next year for the private sector and will see HMRC begin to identify any disguised employees working as limited businesses.

An Autotech Recruit spokesperson said: “IR35 affects limited businesses only and half of our contractor workforce work via their own limited business, however, all Autotech Recruit contractors are subject to a ‘check emplyment status for tax’ (CEST) assessment upon registration and it’s been determined that Autotech Recruit’s MOT testers and vehicle technicians fall outside of IR35 and are therefore not affected by IR35.

“This means, for clients having an Autotech Recruit contractor working for your business on a temporary basis will NOT make you liable for any tax implications.”

For further information, call Autotech Recruit on 01234 603 116, email customercare@autotechrecruit.co.uk or click here.

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Great diagnosis within everyone’s reach thanks to AXONE 5, reports TEXA

Diagnostic tool dedicated to car and bike workshops, with wide screen and high software performance.

AXONE 5 is an easy-to-use tool, manufactured with latest-generation components to ensure accurate repair operations to the highest standard.

The display unit is designed by TEXA for all the diagnostic operations on cars and bikes. 

The company says that AXONE 5 is proposed to workshops at an excellent price/quality ratio along with the reliability and user experience that are typical of TEXA products.

It is a solution within everyone’s reach, ideal for the most expert and demanding users but also for mechanics who have just opened a new business.

Thanks to the IDC5a PLUS software and to the Android operating system, AXONE 5 is quick, intuitive, and provides excellent performance.

Mechanics will have a complete support to their repair operations by accessing a large internal archive of wiring diagrams, mechanical data and technical data sheets.

A wide capacitive screen (9.7 inches with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels) guarantees ultimate definition and total precision to the touch.

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Valeo and Dana to bring end-to-end 48V systems to hybrid and electric vehicles

Systems to provide components required to electrify light urban vehicles and hybridize vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tons.

Valeo and Dana Incorporated has announced a global collaboration to bring to market end-to-end 48V hybrid and electric vehicle systems.

The first of these will be released in early 2020 with a major European carmaker on series-produced cars.

They comprise an electric motor and an inverter – which acts as the “brain” of the electric vehicle by enabling it to generate voltage and alternating currents from a power source of a different voltage or frequency – designed and manufactured by Valeo, and a Spicer Electrified e-Gearbox developed by Dana.

Consistent, optimized and easy to install on all types of vehicles, the comprehensive solution resulting from Valeo and Dana’s partnership is especially attractive because its low voltage (<60V) configuration makes it affordable and low maintenance.

Xavier Dupont, president of Valeo’s powertrain systems business group, said: “Combining Dana’s e-Gearbox mechanisms with Valeo’s 48V systems, the end-to-end systems developed through the partnership will contribute to the rise of affordable vehicle electrification.

“The undertaking strengthens Valeo’s leading position in low-voltage electrification, a technology that will feature in one-third of cars manufactured worldwide by 2030.”

Bob Pyle, president of light vehicle driveline technologies for Dana Incorporated said: “Our collaboration with Valeo enables us to deliver a complete 48-volt electric vehicle e-Propulsion system that immediately meets the needs of customers.

“Dana continues to expand its offerings for hybrid and electric vehicles to offer a complete range of turn-key solutions for the rapidly changing mobility market.”

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