The Parts Alliance reward garages for delivering ‘The Original Experience’

Garage promotion to be held throughout March and April in conjunction with Delphi, Comma, MANN-FILTER and NGK.

The ‘Original Experience’ is running nationwide through Allparts, Bromsgrove Motor Factors, BBC Superfactors, BMS Superfactors, Car Parts & Accessories, CES, Dingbro, GMF Motor Factors, GSF Car Parts, SAS Autoparts, SC Motor Factors, The Parts Alliance (South West) and Waterloo Motor Trade.

Throughout March and April, garage customers will receive ‘Original Experience’ scratch cards with each purchase of Delphi brake pads, MANN-FILTER cabin and oil filters, Comma 5 litre Performance Motor Oil and NGK spark plug sets.

‘The Original Experience’ will see main winners attend the iconic Le Mans 24 hour race in June.

Le Mans 24 hour

The prize includes on-circuit accommodation, track entry and grandstand tickets, for a perfect view of both the start and climax of the epic endurance event.

Garage winners will also soak up the full festival experience, enjoying live entertainment and music throughout the weekend as well as Friday’s Drivers Parade.

This features all the drivers in open top classic cars, supercars and marching bands as part of the unforgettable carnival build-up.

The Parts Alliance says there’s an important message behind this promotion in encouraging the use of OE and matching quality products.

This ensures motorists get the best possible car servicing and garages gain the peace of mind that comes from supplying best-in-class parts.

“Partnering with four leading manufacturers has enabled us to deliver a promotion with some exceptional prizes that doesn’t ask garages to make any additional or major purchases,” said Simon Moore, head of marketing at The Parts Alliance.

“We’re committed as a business to stocking and supplying OE quality parts and want to encourage our customers to use them wherever possible.”

50,000 instant-win prizes

Over 50,000 instant-win prizes include snack boxes, baseball caps, sports bottles, t-shirts, mugs, beanie hats and cool bags.

“An instant-win format is always popular and keeps things really simple – the more service work you do, the greater your chances,” added Simon.

“We wish everyone the best of luck and pass on our thanks to Delphi, Comma, MANN-FILTER and NGK for supporting ‘The Original Experience’.”

Garages can find out more simply by contacting their nearest participating branch or by visiting

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Confederation of British Surgery members receive 10% Servicesure discount

Servicesure is extending a 10% discount to members of the Confederation of British Surgery (CBS) and their families at participating Servicesure Autocentres.

As the surgeon’s trade union, CBS looks after its members professional and employment interests in matters relating to terms and conditions of service, contracts of employment, litigation and insurance, among other things.

The relationship between the two organisations was initiated when CBS began to evaluate all of its existing partners, highlighting the need for support within the motor trade.

According to James Rose, managing director at the Confederation of British Surgery: “Servicesure’s commitment to customer service significantly separated them from other potential motor partners.

“It became clear to us that support from Servicesure can help working professionals to become more organised and time-efficient with the management of their car and the associated costs.”

Commenting on how the discount will assist CBS’ members, James added: “Initially the discount will help our members to manage their costs, CBS is also impressed with Servicesure’s plans for 2020.”

Paul Dineen, Head of Garage Programmes at The Parts Alliance, said: “To have such a respected professional body choose Servicesure is a real sign of our credibility and just one example of the many ways that joining our network helps elevate the profile of our individual independent garage members, enabling them to attract new streams of business.”

“It is our privilege to be able to make life a little easier for those whose job it is to improve the lives of others on a daily basis.”

To find out more about the numerous benefits of becoming a member of the fast-growing Servicesure network, please click here.

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Autotech Recruit celebrates tenth anniversary with rebrand and ambitious growth plans

Recruitment, training and apprenticeship divisions repositioned under Autotech Group umbrella

Ten years after its inception, Autotech Recruit has started the new decade by announcing an enhancement to its management team and a company rebrand.

The company has moved to larger premises, reflecting its increased headcount and onsite training provisions, and increased the management team in line with business growth.

The existing divisions of the company – Autotech Recruit, Autotech Training and Autotech Apprentice – have now been repositioned under an umbrella group – Autotech Group.

Under the new corporate structure, the three founding members of the company make up the executive board with Andrew Sly becoming CFO, Stephen Hughes, COO, while former managing director, Gavin White now heads up the company as CEO.

Simon King, who initially joined Autotech Recruit last year as new concepts manager following almost 20 years with Kwik-Fit, takes over as managing director of the recruitment division.

Under Simon’s direction, a core team of recruiters will continue providing the UK’s automotive industry with temporary vehicle technician and MOT tester cover through its unique network of contractors, who filled over 370,000 hours for the industry last year alone, while also driving the permanent side of the business.

Temporary recruitment

Focus will also be on equipping Autotech Recruit’s growing network of over 450 contractors with further training and technical information which will boost their employability.

Simon said: “Temporary recruitment is a core element of our offering, as it was the catalyst for the establishment of the company.

“However, over recent years the company has responded to industry demands for recruitment, both temporary and permanent, training and apprenticeships by creating separate divisions.

“Now, due to the individual success of these divisions, the company is strengthening the teams behind each and providing greater provisions, which will fuel further growth as we enter a second decade in business.”

OEM and dealership demand

Currently working with over 80 per cent of Motor Trader’s Top 200 dealerships, Autotech Recruit has launched several initiatives in response to demand from OEMs and dealerships.

From the launch of its manufacturer led programme, supplying manufacturer trained vehicle technicians on a temporary basis to the UK’s authorised repairers, to its bespoke recruitment process outsourcing solution, Hybrid RPO, delivering multiple technicians across multiple sites – potentially saving an automotive company or OEM up to 74 per cent of its permanent recruitment costs per year.

Training and apprenticeships

Stephen Kirk, previously national sales manager at the company, has become managing director the Autotech Training and Autotech Apprentice divisions.

Mandla Ndhlovu will remain as head of training and apprentice.

Stephen said: “The training and apprentice divisions of Autotech Recruit were originally developed as part of the company’s organic growth in line with industry demands.

“However, with garages increasingly seeking skilled workers coupled with the progression of vehicle technology, it is vital that all technicians have access to high quality training and, for younger generations, apprenticeship programmes which will ensure the future of the industry is sustained.”

Last year alone Autotech Training delivered 287 days of training and, with training partnerships already established with leading providers including Bosch and ZF Training and further partnerships in the pipeline, Autotech Training is setting out an ambitious plan which will see them double the size of this over the course of 2020.

Dedicated training suite

Significantly, the company’s new offices within Milton Keynes, a city which is renowned for being a hub for leading automotive companies, will feature a dedicated training suite.

Gavin White, CEO at Autotech Recruit said: “This is an exciting time for the entire company.

“We founded Autotech Recruit in 2010 after seeing first-hand the effect the skills shortage was having on the industry.

“We have developed strong ties with leading automotive companies and associations which has enabled us to stay on top of the issues facing the industry, while creating solutions to support them.

“As the industry continues to evolve, we, as a company, tailor our approach to suit, and we are now looking forward to our next successful chapter.”

For further information about Autotech Recruit, click here.

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ZF Aftermarket leads with expert training at Autoinform LIVE event

Unique training event will take place from 25-26 April at the GTG Academy in Wolverhampton

At Autoinform LIVE, ZF Aftermarket will illustrate how it delivers, “cutting edge technical training to the independent aftermarket (IAM) through its ZF [pro]Tech garage workshop concept.”

Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to talk to ZF representatives about membership benefits and can book a place on one of its two interactive condensed training courses: ‘ZF high voltage training’ and ‘Introduction to the ZF 9HP transmission system’ which will be repeated throughout the event.

Wayne McCluskey, technical training manager, ZF Aftermarket explained: “Technical training and its importance will form an even bigger part of our business strategy this year.

“For anyone working within the parameters of the independent aftermarket, this is a matter which needs to be prioritised.

“We applaud events such as this as they allow the market to demonstrate the OE quality, training, technical information and support available across the sector.”

Capturing the main topics covered in the full course agendas and featuring hands on demonstrations, these will give delegates a taste of the many IMI accredited courses the organisation offers annually to members of its ZF [pro]Tech garage workshop concept.

Wayne added: “Vehicle Manufacturers (VMs) are producing more electric vehicles, which will soon enter the aftermarket supply chain.

“Furthermore, future licensing regulations governing the servicing of these vehicles is a real possibility.

“Those attending the bespoke ‘ZF high voltage training’ course will gain a valuable insight into these systems.

“In addition, those attending ‘Introduction to the ZF 9HP transmission’ course will witness live demonstrations to understand how this compact design, which weighs 7.5kg less and offers a 16% fuel reduction than the outgoing six speed transmission, works on a practical level.”

Backed by the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) and in association with ADS, the leading automotive training provider founded by Frank Massey, Autoinform LIVE will take place on 25-26 April 2020 at the GTG, Wolverhampton.

To find out times, rooms and to book a place on either course, please email ZF here.

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Tech guide: Audi TT 2.0 TDI Quattro clutch replacement

Schaeffler REPXPERT shares step-by-step guide

In this month’s Schaeffler Luk clutch feature, REPXPERT Alistair Mason is replacing the clutch assembly and dual mass flywheel on a 2009 Audi TT 2.0 TDI Quattro that has covered over 85,000 miles.

The customer reported that the clutch had been “slipping” when accelerating.

A short road test confirmed the clutch had reached the end of its service life and clutch replacement was advised.

With a recommended book time of seven hours and all repair information available through Schaeffler’s information portal, REPXPERT, this makes a great repair for any independent workshop.

Workshop equipment required

  • Vehicle lift, two post is ideal.
  • Engine support.
  • Transmission jack.
  • Clutch alignment tool.
  • Brake/clutch pressure bleeder.

Prior to starting the repair, ensure you have the locking wheel bolt key and radio code if required.

Gearbox removal

Figure 1.

With the vehicle placed on the lift, open the bonnet and boot, disconnect the battery located in the boot and obtain the locking wheel bolt key and then slacken the locking wheel bolts on both front wheels.

Working in the engine bay, remove the engine cover, disconnect the air mass meter and vacuum pipe, then remove the air filter assembly and then the air filter assembly carrier.

Figure 2.

This now gives good access to the top of the gearbox. Remove the gear change cables, selector lever weight assembly and cable retaining bracket (fig 1 & 2), clamp the flexible hydraulic clutch pipe and then disconnect the pipe from the concentric slave cylinder connection (fig 3).

Figure 3.

Now disconnect the wiring from the starter motor and remove the earth lead from the starter motor top retaining bolt, then remove the top starter motor retaining bolt, disconnect the reverse light switch multiplug and remove the top bell housing bolts.

Figure 4.

Raise the vehicle to gain access to the underside of the vehicle and remove the engine undertray, lower the vehicle to waist height, remove both front wheels, remove the inner wheel arch liners and then raise the lift and remove the alloy under guard framework (fig 4).

Now remove the front driveshafts by removing the hub nuts and the spline bolts retaining the inner CV joints, release both bottom ball joints and then remove both front driveshafts.

Figure 5.

Now remove the transfer box from the gearbox, mark the position of the prop shaft onto the transfer box , unclip the oil level sensor wiring loom from the retaining clip, disconnect the exhaust front pipe sleeves and remove the rubber mounting assembly, remove the three 12 point bolts from the transfer box to cushion drive assembly (fig 5), remove the lower gearbox pendulum mounting (fig 6), ease the engine and gearbox forward and disconnect the prop shaft from the transfer box and support as required.

Figure 6.

Drain the gearbox oil and then remove the O/S/F driveshaft flange using a long 6mm Allen key, remove the transfer box retaining bracket bolts and then the four main body securing bolts, at this point the transfer box can be removed and secured.

Now remove the lower bell housing bolts, leaving two easily accessible bolts in position to retain the gearbox, remove the starter motor, support the engine using either a brace bar, sub-frame support or second transmission jack, remove the gearbox mounting, lower the engine/transmission assembly to aid gearbox removal, support the gearbox using a transmission jack, remove the final bell housing bolts, now ease the gearbox away from the engine, once clear, lower the transmission jack and place the gearbox in a safe area.

Clutch replacement

Figure 7.

Remove the six clutch retaining bolts (fig 7), remove the clutch cover and plate assembly, inspecting the clutch plate confirmed the clutch had reached the end of its service life as the friction material had worn close to the rivets.

The dual mass flywheel (DMF) was replaced on the customer’s request, with the DMF removed, inspect the back of the engine for any oil leaks and rectify as required, clean the back of the engine with clutch and brake dust cleaner, mount the new DMF, insert the new bolts and tighten to the manufactures torque specification, torque values are available through REPXPERT and on Schaeffler’s REPXPERT app, finally de-grease the clutch surface on the flywheel.

Figure 8.

We now focus on the gearbox (fig 8), remove the CSC, inspect the bell housing area for any oil leaks and rectify as required, clean the bell housing area, confirm the CSC mounting surface is clean, mount the new CSC and ensure the retaining bolts have tightened correctly.

Note – do not operate or squeeze the CSC as this could damage the new CSC.

Apply a light smear of high melting point grease to the gearbox input shaft splines, now mount the new clutch plate onto the input shaft, this will confirm the clutch plate is correct and evenly distribute the grease, remove the clutch plate and wipe off any excess grease.

De-grease the clutch pressure plate surface, using a clutch alignment tool, mount the new clutch onto the DMF, fit the clutch bolts and torque to the manufacture’s specification.

Before re-fitting the gearbox, it is always good practice to flush out the old clutch fluid and replace it with new, also ensure the gearbox alignment dowels are located correctly.

Mount the gearbox onto the transmission jack, ease into position, align the gearbox to the engine, once in position and located on the dowels, secure with two bell housing bolts.

Refit in reverse order of removal, when the battery has been reconnected, reset all effected electrical consumers, replenish the gearbox oil with the correct quantity and grade of oil.

Schaeffler’s advice when bleeding this clutch is to pressure bleed at 2.0 bar. Always carry out a full road test to ensure a quality repair.

Further information on Schaeffler products, fitting instructions and repair times can be found on the REPXPERT garage portal by clicking here.

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BG Automotive range of BMW N47 engine parts available

Released in March 2007, the BMW N47 is a four-cylinder common rail diesel engine with many improvements over its predecessor, the M47

According to BGA, this engine family is notorious for timing chain wear and failure – and in most cases, the whole engine will need to be replaced when the timing chain breaks as the piston and valve will collide, damaging the cylinder head, valve, piston, cylinder, and/or camshaft.

BGA offers a wide range of parts for the N47 engine to repair or prevent these issues occurring, which exceed OE specifications and testing ensuring longevity, safety and efficiency.

Click here to view the full range.

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Thousands of MOT testers face suspension, DVSA warns as training and assessment deadline nears

More than 7,000 testers suspended in last two years for failing to complete training and assessment

More than 30,000 MOT testers are yet to complete their annual training and assessment, official DVSA figures show.

With just over a month to go until the 31 March deadline, the DVSA is urging testers to ensure they complete training and assessment or face suspension.

Last year, 1,882 testers were suspended for failing to do so, down on 2018’s 5,538 suspensions.

If suspended from testing, testers will need to complete all next year’s topics and take a demonstration test to be able to return to testing.

DVSA product manager, Simon Smith said: “Annual training and assessment is a vital part of continuous improvement to maintain high quality MOTs.

“Last year more testers than ever completed their training and assessment on time.

“But to avoid the last-minute rush, testers should record their training and assessment results well before 31 March.

“We’re really pleased with the improvement from last year and I’d like to thank all those testers who did so.”

Every year, all 63,000 MOT testers must carry out training and assessment on set topics to make sure they are competent and safe to carry out MOTs.

Testers need to do at least three hours of training each year and a total of 16 hours in five years.

Training can be completed individually, in a group or on a course with a training provider.

The pass mark for the current assessment is 70 per cent but it will increase to 80 per cent for 2020 to 2021 assessments.

The assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and usually takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Annual training and assessment was introduced in 2016 as a programme of continuous improvement for testers so they are well informed about the work they do and keep up to date with new technology and industry requirements.

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Ring launches new 12V and 24V battery analyser

New tool tests battery cranking performance, alternator, starter and earth system

Recognising the importance of regular battery maintenance, Ring Automotive has launched the RBAG750, its very first 12V and 24V graphical battery analyser.

The new addition is an upgrade to the RBAG700, and now enables vehicle technicians and enthusiasts to carry out a complete health check of the battery and electrical systems of a 12V and 24V vehicle, including motorcycles, cars or trucks.

Like its predecessor, the RBAG750 is different to other analysers in that it uses an intuitive graphical interface making it easier and quicker for technicians to diagnose faults.

The microprocessor control can analyse and test the battery capacity without applying a load, providing fast, accurate results on batteries up to 1700CCA.

A low range setting is also included for testing motorcycle batteries.

Batteries can be tested in or out of the vehicle, and reverse polarity protection is built in.

24V vehicles

A Ring spokesperson said: “As 24V vehicles comprise two 12V batteries connected, each battery should be tested individually to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

“When testing the alternator and starter motor on 24V vehicles, the two 12V batteries can be left in series.

“The range provides the user with complete reliability.

“For example, as the user is able to input their name and the car registration details, an official log of any test can be downloaded and given to the customer, helping to pinpoint issues further down the line.”

The unit will store up to 80 vehicles test results at once, allowing multi-vehicle testing before downloading.

Results can be printed using the built-in thermal printer or, downloaded to a computer through a USB.

RBAG750 will test not only the battery cranking performance, but also the alternator (including a diode ripple test), starter and earth system, providing a complete health check of the battery system to help mechanics diagnose potential faults.

As low-battery performance is one of the most popular underlying causes of other issues or faults with a vehicle, such as problems with ECU monitoring, Ring Automotive is advising that batteries are checked before any service, data upload or diagnostic work is carried out.

For further information about the tool, click here.

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Watch: DAF XF105 wiring diagrams demonstrated using TEXA IDC5 software

Video walk-through shows faults, interactive wiring diagrams and dashboards

TEXA has released a new video to demonstrate the capabilities of its IDC5 software, showing wiring diagrams for DAF XF105.

To arrange a demonstration, email or click here for further information about TEXA.

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Garage comes out on top after Facebook group owner threatens to ruin business

Cavalier owner brands garage as “bunch of F morons” in review for “messing him about” over free exhaust

A social media ‘influencer’ has been left red-faced after the owner of an independent garage shared his aggressive messages on Facebook.

Dave Aspden, who created a 22,000 member Facebook car group, threatened to “make or break” the family-run garage by shaming them online for not fitting his exhaust for free quickly enough.

He had asked Gary Faulkner, owner of garage Zaustworx in Lancashire, to fit a an exhaust on his Vauxhall Cavalier for free.

Facebook promotion

In exchange, he promised to promote them in his Facebook group.

Gary agreed to the arrangement, suggesting that February was the earliest available slot but Mr Aspden never confirmed am appointment.

When he asked again a few weeks later, Gary told him his workshop was now booked up until March but added that he could still have the work done for free.

Angered that he would have to wait even longer, Dave said the garage would ‘regret messing’ with him.

Minutes later, Mr Aspden left a review on Zaustworx’s Facebook page branding them “cowboys” and “f****** morons” for making him wait for the free job.

Undeterred, garage boss Mr Faulkner posted their entire exchange – including the negative review – on the firm’s own Facebook page to expose Mr Aspden’s behaviour, adding that the business “would not tolerate threats”.

“I think your plan has backfired”

The garage’s own social media following trebled from 5,700 likes to more than 16,300 following the post.

The garage later put up another post saying “Oops Dave, I think your plan has backfired”.

Mr Faulkner said: “I had to protect the business, being threatened like that. But the response that it got was unbelievable.

“It blew up, but it blew up in his face, and that could have so easily been the other way round if I hadn’t posted the conversation.

“The phone didn’t stop ringing, with people booking jobs in and people just ringing with support.

“I booked quite a few jobs in just purely because people had seen that and thought ‘I’m going to use him’.

“He was fully intent on ruining my business”

“He was fully intent on ruining my business and if it had gone the opposite way to what it did then I would imagine he’d have been pretty happy about that.

“Trying to jeopardise a small business just for the sake of a few hundred quid is not really on, is it?”

Mr Aspden admitted that he shouldn’t have ‘lost his temper’ but claimed that Zaustworx should have ‘honoured’ what they said they would and it could have been ‘avoided’.

After the garage exposed the conversation, Mr Aspden admitted he was “wrong to lose his temper” but maintained that the garage was at fault.

Posting on Facebook, Mr Aspden wrote: “Zaustworx and I had shaken hands on a deal and when I went to see him about seven weeks ago but as usual only half the story ends up on social media.

“If you ask me to do a job and I shake your hand that is my word it’ll be done on the day we agreed whether it’s a free job or you’re paying me £10,000.

“If he couldn’t do it when he said then he shouldn’t have agreed the deal with me after talking in person.

“I shouldn’t have lost my temper granted but at the same time he should have also honoured his handshake or just say he can’t do it and all this would have been avoided.”

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