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Being a member of The Parts Alliance brings other great additional benefits to your business, including working with like-minded businesses, becoming a principal and steering the strategy of a market leader with a national footprint and sharing best practice with other business owners. We have a market leading own brand programme with quality audited suppliers across the world giving central distribution from our warehouses in the midlands, and as a member of Nexus International you gain access to a group that purchases over 10 billion euros of product per year. These benefits allow you to get a significant return on your membership contribution, year after year.

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If you are interested in learning more about being a member of The Parts Alliance please email Simon Moore at simon.moore@thepartsalliance.com.

See your business grow from day 1

  • Day 1 - Profit & cash flow benefits

    With the significant buying power of the group and preferential partnership deals with major suppliers, you will enjoy the same buying terms and rebates as a £300 million+ business. Negotiated by our talented procurement and product teams, these terms apply regardless of your size, improving your profitability from the day you join. No reduced terms because you may be ‘small’ as with some buying groups, but instantly enjoy the discounts associated with one of the largest spending purchases in Europe.

  • Day 1 - Access to our industry leading catalogue system AlliCat

    Without question the best catalogue system in the market, developed & continually advanced by our Industry leading IT team. Members have instant access to this immense brain power, which has improved efficiency for registration look ups, has details of 1.7 million parts and additional data for fit times and customer pricing which leads to the most accurate selection for your customers, improving your service and reducing returns to half the national average. This means more efficiency for your operation and more profit for you.

  • Day 1 - Turnover increases

    Immediate access to our negotiated national account program. Depending on your network coverage this can add anything up to £5 million of additional sales to you.

  • Day 1 – Access to Servicesure Autocentres

    Our UK garage programme, not only generates huge advantages for our customers, but also provides regular business for our members.

  • Succession planning

    The Parts Alliance is backed by HG Capital with many of its members now owned directly by our Investors. Some multi-generation businesses have family to take over, but for others there has to be an end game at some point. All members can currently have their business valued by a willing purchaser should they decide the time is right to retire.

Are you thinking of selling your business?

Contact our Director of Acquisitions privately and in confidence

The Parts Alliance has invested into the growth of its UK network by buying member and non-member companies from owners who have decided to crystallize their investment and retire, knowing that the legacy they have created will be honored and built on. Typically, the owner stays with the business and enjoys access to funding and the benefits of being part of a bigger group while de-risking their wealth, or they retire and in some cases, re-invest as a shareholder. We have completed 9 acquisitions since 2012 and have many family members still engaged with our businesses. In all these acquisitions we preserved the original trading brand names and identity of each company, embracing the diversity and power this gives us as a group. We believe it’s important for our customers and staff that we build on the foundations of what made the original business successful, so the retention of the original local brand and staff is a key point to The Parts Alliance’s success.

For your staff that have aspirations of bigger more challenging roles, being part of such a large and growing company creates access to opportunities that wouldn’t necessarily be possible as a regional company, and indeed many of those key individuals in recent acquisitions have already embraced new responsibilities. Opportunities, incentive and training schemes for your staff all help to create a buzz of excitement through what could potentially be an anxious time for them, if not fully involved in the integration process.

If you are interested in learning more, even if it’s just to understand how the process works, please e-mail Simon Moore at simon.moore@thepartsalliance.com with your name, company and private telephone number and he will respond accordingly.