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MOT testing ban for mechanics advertising DPF removals

Two Sheffield testers get two-year ban after DVSA found they were selling a diesel particulate filter removal services Testing stations have had to check for a DPF in the inspection of the exhaust system as part of the MOT test since February 2014. Image: Bigstock. The DVSA handed the two-year testing bans after the mechanics […]

Changing the world – one litre at a time

Every day, the motor industry is working ha to meet the anticipated 100% increase in global demand for transport by 2050* while limiting the impact this will place upon Earth’s resources and the increasing emissions. The impact of motor oil is critical to helping the rapid evolution of our automotive world towards its intended goals. […]

Simple guidelines for preventing brake judder

Brake judder is not necessarily the most technically challenging issue, but it can be a source of headaches for technicians, especially since fitment issues are often at the root cause of it. By following a few simple guidelines, brake judder can be virtually eliminated: 1 Before refitting a disc, first check the disc’s thickness. Using a brake […]

Revolutionise Your Ride with Polybush

With the current state of the roads suspension systems are being given a harder time than ever, so when it comes to changing bushes Polybush look to offer you the best parts you can fit. With over 34 years of both O.E. and aftermarket experience, Polybush are able to offer The Parts Alliance customers access […]

Could Mazda’s new compression ignition petrol pump save the combustion engine?

New engine combines benefits of diesel and petrol to eliminate spark plugs and improve fuel consumption Skyactiv-X is the world’s first commercial petrol engine to use compression ignition, in which the fuel-air mixture ignites spontaneously when compressed by the piston. Mazda has announced a technological breakthrough for the petrol engine and claims to have designed […]

Spark plug replacement on BMW N43 and N53 engines

According to statistics, more than 488,000 vehicles with the N43 and N53 engines are driving on European roads, which were fitted with the ZKBR7A-HTU NGK spark plugs as original equipment (OE). It is likely that many UK and Ireland workshops have already had the opportunity to take a look at these engines, either under the […]

Garage tells harrowing story of shutter door horror and warns of dangers

Technician pulled his head back inside just moments before the shutter door fell “like a guillotine” Fearnley Motors is urging workshops to check their shutter doors. An independent garage owner is urging workshops across the country to check the condition of their shutter doors after one of his employees narrowly escaped injury.  While locking up for […]

Supermarket fuel comes under fire

Industry expert speaks out about the true cost of so-called cheap supermarket fuel Supermarket fuels could be a false economy for motorists, according to experts who claim cheap fuel could end up costing motorists an extra £100 a year. The UK fuel market is subject to strict legal standards, however different retailers are free to […]