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On the Oche with Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright

In March this year, Servicesure took its first steps into professional sport sponsorship, with current world number three darts player Peter Wright. Here we catch up with Peter in an exclusive interview with the new Servicesure Autocentres ambassador. You’ve had a great start to 2017. What has been the secret and what are your hopes […]

Views from Inside the Garage Network: TSG Motors

TSG Motors has built a strong reputation, providing a wide range of vehicle repairs and servicing for almost 30 years. Employing seven staff, including four family members, the garage caters for a wide range of vehicles. Location: Slough Services: Servicing, Reepairs, Diagnostics, MOT, Hybrid Technology Garage Network: Servicesure Autocentres Tony Shoard, owner of TSG Motors […]

Delphi does not recommend the use of Copper Grease

There’s a widespread view that copper grease, otherwise known as copper slip, should be applied to the back of brake pads to help lubrication and noise prevention. Not so. The need for copper grease has diminished in recent years in line with advances in shim technology. In fact, its use could have the opposite effect, […]

Effective Filtration Of Even Tiny Water Droplets

Even high-quality diesel may contain traces of water, whether from moist air entering through the tank opening or from condensation in the large tanks used to store the diesel in gas stations. However, advanced common rail diesel injection systems with pressures of up to 2,500 bar have higher requirements than simple mechanical systems in terms […]

Automotive Battery Operating States, Lifespan & Replacement Conditions

Automotive Battery Operating States, Lifespan & Replacement Conditions By Ian Newham, Training Manager at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd STATE OF CHARGE (SOC) The State of Charge of an automotive battery is expressed as Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) and is the force used to push the starting current known as Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) […]

Calls for part-worn tyre ban following trading standards sting

Six of seven samples bought from dealers had faults and the only legal one was over 18-years-old Traders are continuing to sell potentially lethal part worn tyres to motorists, according to a Sunday Mirror investigation. Official figures put the number of people killed or seriously injured in accident involving illegal or defective tyres to 989 […]

Polybush resolves troublesome Transit wishbone bush issues

Cost saving, problem-solving Transit bush Polybush, the leading name in polyurethane suspension bushes has created another bush to solve fleet problems. 40BC is Polybush’s uprated replacement for the ever troublesome Ford Transit front wishbone rear bush. Due to the position of the front wishbone rear bush, it suffers from compression set caused by the force […]

Original equipment bulbs are part of a quality service for your customers

Making sure your customers are happy after a visit to your workshop or garage is an essential part of your business. By offering an excellent service and using top quality OE parts, you will help guarantee they’ll return or recommend you to other potential customers. Many bulb replacements have become quite technical and the customer […]

Help your customers avoid ‘shocking’ holiday driving

As your customers prepare for the holiday season, there are a number of checks you can do to make sure their vehicles are in safe operating condition. As millions take to the roads for the holidays, only a fraction will remember to perform comprehensive inspections of key vehicle systems, including brakes, tyres, lights and shock […]

Always replace coil springs in axle pairs

Coil Springs | Replace in Pairs Automotive suspension springs are a central and dynamic component of a vehicle’s suspension system, constantly working to absorb shocks and deal with uneven road surfaces. After many millions of cycles, even the best made springs may break or become tired and begin to sag, causing the vehicle ride height […]