Grime Pro is a uniquely fast acting, powerful hand cleansing formula that rapidly removes even the most stubbornly ingrained oil, grease and grime. Containing no harsh hydrocarbon solvents, GrimePro is tough on dirt but not on the environment.

GrimePro Orange contains carefully selected skin care ingredients with extract of glycerine to replenish the natural oils lost from the skin during washing. Micro polymer beads create a gentle but effective scrubbing action for enhanced removal of grease and grime. This ensures that skin remains in its natural condition, allowing users to keep on working until the job is done. The lotion is easy to rinse off using either hot or cold water and leaves no slimy residues.

The Grime Pro range is available in 10 litre packs for garages and workshops that require a bulk solution, as well as three litre pump packs, providing a handy portable solution. These provide substantial cost savings and reduce wastage compared to traditional dip in style containers, as they deliver a precise measured dosage. These pump packs are also more hygienic than dip in containers as they reduce the risk of cross contamination from other users, who may have cuts or grazes.

grimepro-body-imageAnother appealing solution offered by Grime Pro is the cartridge and dispenser system, typically found in most washrooms. These are easy to use, hygienic and cost effective. The standard 2.5 litre cartridges are simple and quick to replace with an easy screw on dispensing nozzle. The wall mounted dispensers all come supplied with a key to protect against unauthorised access.

A list of stockists is available on the Grime Pro website, where you’ll also be able to download and view manufacturer’s safety data sheets. Providing you with all the essential facts about the product, regarding things like ingredients, transport and storage advice, as well as other useful information.

Grime Pro really is the ideal solution for anyone working in a hands on position.

Hand cleansing products based on natural oils

Ideal for automotive workshops

Available in dispensers, pump packs & bulk packs