Powatec offers a range of professional specialist chemicals products to the automotive industry.

Powatec fuel, oil and coolant additives and system cleaners quickly and efficiently resolve a number of common car problems without the need for mechanical repairs. Just some of the benefits include stopped leaks, improved engine performance, lower fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions, parts protected and lubricated, and the prevention of premature ageing or running problems.

powatec-body-imagePowatec also supply a range of high specification service products for everyday vehicle maintenance and servicing, including high pressure resistant lubricants and grease and air conditioning cleaning products.

Powatec is manufactured by bluechemGROUP. Recognised as a worldwide partner of the automotive industry, bluechemGROUP develops high-tech products that deliver on quality and performance. Powatec has bluechemGROUP’s 25 years of experience and global know-how behind it. Powatec products are manufactured in TÜV accredited testing facilities in Germany to the highest quality standards, meaning Powatec products have TÜV certification providing irrefutable evidence of compatibility and proven effectiveness.

Automotive Additives and System Cleaners

TÜV Nord “Made in Germany” Quality Seal

Manufactured in TÜV Accredited Testing Facilities

Exclusively stocked by Parts Alliance members

Website: www.powatec.eu