Daily Telegraph Business Club features the Parts Alliance

Recognition for our prowess is gaining momentum, and not only within the automotive industry. Our innovative business model and reputation for customer service has drawn the attention of The Daily Telegraph. Who recently spent the day with us, filming for part of their ‘Business Masterclass’ series.

Impressed with our shrewd acquisitions and commitment to technology, they sat down with CEO Peter Sephton to discuss the growth of the Parts Alliance. He made it clear that our success in this industry stems from our due diligence and unique business philosophy. “The decision making is at the branch level, as it should be, close to our customers.”

Take a look at the video below:

In order to understand how we’re taking the lead in this field they also visited local independent garages, speaking directly with the people who are benefiting from working alongside us. However, it’s our future thinking and investment in technology that’s really caught their attention. Innovations like PartVend, successfully trialled by the AA and which allows for 24 hour access to parts is an unprecedented step forward in the industry.

By integrating the above with our systems such as AlliCat and Parc, we displayed how we have simplified and improved the process of sourcing parts for garages and private customers alike.
It should be clear to all that we will continue to grow and evolve within this sector, revolutionising the industry for the benefit of all our customers.

Read the full feature in the Daily Telegraph Business Club here.