Get more motorists into your garage this summer

All year round, Britain’s trudge through the everlasting cold and wet weather knowing once the summer to arrives, it’s time to for a holiday! This normally meant getting on a plane and travelling to the countless sunny destinations across the world.

According to research, the number of foreign trips Britons take is 16% lower than it was before the recession, with English holidays increasing by 12% between 2008 and 2013.

Short trips are the fastest growing area of domestic vacations, with 29.6m one- to three-day holidays taken in England in 2013, a 17% increase on 2008.

What this means is that Briton’s are increasingly swapping planes for cars and this raises the importance of ensuring the vehicle won’t let you down. To go through a stressful breakdown or being stuck on a motorway when the temperatures are peaking with no functioning air conditioning during a time when you are looking to relax can really ruin a holiday.

This is where the garage workshop can come in and ensure their customers are prepared for whatever trip they may be planning by offering a pre-holiday check-up.

Your customers may not do all the necessary checks needed before they leave and this is where the garage workshop can offer their expertise.

A pre-holiday check-up checklist could include the following:

  • Fanbelt – Is it perished or likely to break soon?
  • Coolant – Drain and replace. If in doubt, change the thermostat too
  • Hoses – Check condition and replace any in poor condition
  • Battery – Check and charge
  • Tyres – Check for wear and splits. If tread is minimal, advise replacement. Don’t forget to check the spare if car’s fitted with one
  • Oil – Is it topped-up and top-up if needed
  • Air Conditioning – Check condition of cabin filter. Re-gas system if needed
  • Lights – Are they all working correctly? If the car’s going abroad offer beam deflectors
  • Wiper Blades – Check and replace if needed – don’t forget the rear blade too!
  • Washer Bottle – Top-up with a good quality screenwash

Also don’t forget, motorists going abroad may need to carry things like breathalyser kits, replacement bulbs and hi-vis jackets – and don’t forget the headlight beam deflectors too!

Garage workshops should advertise the service by contacting existing customers through mail, put an advert in the local paper or why not go on local radio and talk about the problems motorist can face by not getting their vehicles checked.

There was a time when travel agents would solely ensure holidays went smoothly, but now the garage workshop has a vital role to play too.